Local Specialities

Soča Valley Culinary

People near the River Soča have always known how to eat well and have wanted to eat well. And the tradition has been passed on through the generations, both in written and oral form. Alongside the Soča Valley are many roads and paths leading to places where the old traditional farm activities are still alive. Dairy production is still active there. There are two types of cheese that have been cherished for centuries with protected designation of origin – Tolminc cheese and Bovec cheese.

don’t miss these foods from Soča Valley: :)

Soča Valley Culinary


Can be sheep, goat or cow cheese


Čompe an Skuto: potato with cottage cheese

Cheese: sheep, goat, cow

Roasted Lamb: for meat lovers

Soča Trout: grilled

Venious goulash with polenta: this is the local goulash

Frika: grated cheese fried in pan in combination with potato, eggs and onions

Bovški Krafi: sweet dumpling with pears and walnuts

Čompe an Skuto

potato with cottage cheese