Natural Wonders

Natural swimmingpools

Cool down yourself - best places for a hot summer day.

Soča river
Lepena valley:
Beautiful beach with a scenic gorge. drive to the Lepena valley and after you pass the bidge above Soča soon you can park on the right side and walk down to the river.

Drive toward Čezsoča village, pass the bridge and you can park on the right side. From the bridge downstream there is a shallow rocky beach which can be a perfect playground for small kids.

Natural swimmingpools

Soča river

Soča river (at Boka bridge)

Natural Wonders

Predel Lake (Rabelj Lake)
Close to the boarder of Slovenia- Italy, on the Italian side. Beautiful alpine Lake which can reach the 20 C during the hot summer days. It is always windy there. After the tunnel you can find a parking place on the left side of the road, and there is the beach as well. In the direction of Sella Nevea, on the left side there is a bar with kayak rental option, and if you continue your way, there will be a surf center as well.

Predel Lake

At the boarder of Italy and Slovenia lays this beautiful lake between the mountains

Natural Wonders

Nadiža river
Can be much warmer than Soča river, even 20-25 degree! Drive towards Kobarid, pass the city to the direction of Italy.

Napoleon Bridge
even if you don’t want to swim, it is the most beautiful part of Nadiža river, a must see!

Virje Waterfall (Slap Virje )
people often visit the places to have a bath, although it is cold!

After you pass the village Robič, on the right side you will see the parking places and the beach of Nadiža river. There is a playground for for kids, beach volley.

Napoleon bridge

Napoleon bridge at Nadiža river